Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How is the award funded?

A:  Donations from family and friends will be solicited in 2010 to establish an endowment that will be fully funded by January 2011. Contributions can be made after the endowment is fully funded, but there will be no open solicitation beyond 2010.

Q:  Is my donation tax deductible?

A:  Yes. Your donation is tax deductible. Morgan State University will mail a receipt of your donation directly to you.  

Q:  Who should I make the check to?

A:  Checks should be made payable to the Morgan State University Foundation, Inc. or MSUF. In the memo blank, please be sure to indicate "James H. Ashby, Jr. Fund".

Q:  Where should I mail my donation?

A:  Donations should be mailed to the following address:

Morgan State University Fund

Office of Development

1700 E. Cold Spring Lane

201 Truth Hall

Baltimore, MD 21251-0001

Attention:  Ms. Henri Banks

Q:  When will the award be made?

A:  The award is made annually in the spring semester of the senior’s graduating year. The award is presented at the School of Social Work Senior Banquet by a representative of the Ashby family.

Q:  What are the criteria to receive the award?

A:  The award is granted to the highest ranking male graduating senior receiving a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Morgan State University and continuing graduate studies at Morgan.  Ranking is based on overall GPA. If there is more than one candidate meeting the criteria, the award is divided equally among all recipients.

Q:  Who selects the award recipient?

A:  The administrators of the Morgan State University School of Social Work select the recipient based on the stated criteria.

Q:  What is the award amount?

A:  $1,250.00 US Dollars

Q:  Does the recipient have to use the award for graduate study tuition and fees?

A:  No. The recipient can use the award for any desired purpose. The student can opt to have the money deposited into their MSU account or to receive a direct payment. Please note that the student incurs a tax liability for the direct payment option.