Donor Hall of Fame

Glorious Generosity

Thank you to the following individuals whose thoughtfulness and generous spirit of giving compelled them to graciously make a donation to the James H. Ashby, Jr. Award of Excellence Fund:

Mary L. Allen

Ernest and Clarissa Ashby

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ashby, Sr.

James Ryan Ashby

Maurice Sewell Ashby

Terrye M. Ashby
Larry and Patricia Bartlett
Jean Etta Beckward
Mr. and Mrs. Bulluck
JoJaqueline Cooper
Angela Davis-Edwards
Charles Denmark
Joyce Gibson
Dorothy Grayson

Marsha Hall and Family

Rhonda and Linzell Harris

Sonya and Mark Lathrop

Mary and Rhoda Mann

Vinetta Paige McCullough

Ida McDowell

Robert and Virginia Moore

Melville and Donna Pergerson

Albert, Beth and Summer Perrine

Charlene and Martin Proctor

Robin M. Satchell

Dr. Bettina Scott

Drs. Ernest and Brenda Sewell

Walter Sewell

William and Elaine Sewell

Pastors Ron and Shelia Spencer

Jessie Thomas

Diane Waters

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Wells