Malcolm D. Burton is graduate of Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland. He now holds a Bachelors of Social Work. His interest in social work stems from his exposure to service from a very young age. Malcolm had a youth filled experiences affirming his culture and history from his parents blended marriage of African American Father and Puerto Rican mother. That coupled with his experience with social service experiences as a volunteer, and employment. 

While in high school, in Copley Ohio, where students of color represent 25 percent of the population, Malcolm recognized many challenges being exhibited by his peers in their relationship among themselves and others in their school environment. “Balancing among being a black youth with their own identity, having friends that may or may not share similar values and getting an education” according to Malcolm creates major stress in young students of color development. Having been introduced to cultural pride and community service from a young age, Malcolm decided to utilize the principles of culture and values to start My Brother My Sister (MBMS) in 2008, a Mentor Leadership Process for youth using popular media forums to design youth competent workshops. Malcolm decided that a space needed to be provided for young students where they could feel affirmed as a person, where they could freely express themselves and where they could ultimately collaborate to help others. Hence the mission of MBMS: To promote unity ,self- determination, increase, college admission and retention among young men and women of color in order to provide a sense of responsibility and servant leadership; dedicated to solving local, national and global issues. 

To date over 100 members have been positively affected by MBMS and an entire community has been challenged to redefine itself by the diversity of its residents. Malcolm continues to be involved with My Brother My Sister, even while at Morgan by providing input for weekly sessions and through his involvement with the group’s Facebook page. Malcolm also nurtured an expansion of MBMS that includes a vanguard of MBMS college members to help with student retention and the commitment to recruit more high schools students to college. At the national level, Malcolm has spoken at various conferences and social service agencies to share the story of MBMS and practices on how to reach youth intentionally and successfully. Malcolm also enjoys writing and blogging around ol’ school hip hop & new progressive lyrics that entertain while expanding community collective thought. He hopes to extend his passion for creative media into other initiatives involving MBMS and other youth development opportunities.

Now as a graduate, Malcolm is focusing on the expansion of MBMS, his writings to include and upcoming book in review for publication; the launching of his social enterprise and his desire to continue his education at Morgan State University. Malcolm has discovered a way to match his passion for the social activism and Hip Hop in its diverse artistic forms.