My name is Sequean Zev Mahnke. I am a graduating senior at Morgan State University, obtaining my Bachelors of Science from the School of Social Work. I have had a great matriculation through Morgan State, coming into the college in the fall semester of 2009 as a transfer student from the Community College of Vermont. I was originally born in Philadelphia, Penn. I moved to Burlington, Vermont at a young age. When I decided to apply to Morgan State University I did so for a few reasons. For one, I was eager to attend an HBCU and Morgan’s urban mission statement appealed to me. I also visited the university and heard about the social work program. 

Being a social work major at Morgan State has advanced my personal well-being in so many ways. I know that when I graduate May 2013, I will be a competent and effective social worker. Morgan has offered me so many opportunities in gaining experience in the helping profession. I have been privileged enough to be employed with Morgan State’s ACCESS Orientation Program as a peer mentor for new students and incoming freshmen. I have really enjoyed the opportunity and it has given me experience in; teamwork, professionalism, interpersonal communication, and public speaking to name a few. I would love to be a part of the ACCESS Orientation team again if at all possible. I also was able to advocate for social and economic justice during the HBCU Maryland Lawsuit where the X Assembly and other organizations collaborated in a peaceful rally outside the courthouse. The School of Social Work has also facilitated a guidance counseling internship at a high school in Baltimore City by the name of St. Frances Academy. This internship has given me the experience of working as a high school guidance counselor and as an assistant to the director of the Drs. Bill & Camille Cosby Community Center. 

Morgan State University has molded me into the man I am today. I came to the University in 2009 as a young adult. I will graduate as a young Morgan man determined to continue my academic journey and make a difference both professionally and personally in urban communities as one committed to growing the future, leading the world.